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What is AOD Fitness Apparel?

In 2019 Shonta Green; the creator and owner of Atnohs Original Designs (originally established in 2010) decided to branch off a fitness apparel line from her custom clothing brand and call it AOD Fitness Apparel. This fresh new stream of clothing consist of mostly women's gym wear that are not only fun, colorful and vibrant, but are also affordable, comfortable to wear and can be worn anywhere other than just the gym or yoga classes. Each one of her garment pieces is made from some of the most breathable, durable and stretchy fabrics available and are perfectly made to keep the body cool especially for long and vigorous activities. Shonta's passion for providing the best garments was her motivation to carefully create fashionable pieces to fit in with some of the latest trends. And though the majority of her designs may not come in a "One Size Fits ALL or MOST" category; she is sure to not leave anyone out by adding in some petite and plus sizes for the majority of her potential customers; going all the way up to 3XL and as small as XS. There is also a good variety of men's merchandise available on her website as well too...for example, hoodys, tank tops and T-shirts just to name a few.

By now you may be curios as to know how or where the name of this brand came from. The name ATNOHS is the spelling of Shonta Green's first name spelled backwards. A very unique name within itself. ORIGINAL came from Shonta's ability to create custom, DESIGNS that she would specifically make for particular clients. Thus the name ATNOHS Original Designs (AOD) was born.

Unlike most businesses that took a hard hit during the 2020 Corona virus pandemic and were forced to close down either temporarily or permanently...AOD Fitness apparel was actually established through it. The idea of a fitness line was sparked by Shonta realizing that a pandemic does not have to stop you from staying fit and to look good while doing it. It took a lot of hard work, planning, focus and dedication to turn a dream into a reality especially when the entire world was going through so much fear, grief, sadness and despair. It also took the support of friends, family and loved ones. But all of that hard work and dedication paid off as this brand is sure to soar providing customers with what they will need to be comfortable and fashionable while exercising and staying fit, out running errands, hanging with friends or family, or just simply lounging at home. There is no denying that AOD Fitness Apparel has its day to becoming a household name that everyone will recognize.

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